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Episode 80: The Charmed Life: Playhouse Masters Tyson & Audy

This Ep: Special Guest[s]:  Tyson & Audy Leavitt - Stars of TLC's new series Playhouse Masters

"And what to our wandering eyes does appear...but Tyson & Audy with their Charmed Playhouses team here!"
Yes Virginia [and the other 49 states], there is a Santa Claus. Or at least if you want a "Santa's Workshop" style playhouse, then Charmed Playhouses of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada can probably make that happen! This episode GA interviews the humble husband & wife team behind these resplendent renderings of reverie who are taking the time-tested concept of 'playhouses' into the realm of Fantasy. They are doing such a good job of it, that their creative craftsmanship has landed them a gig as stars of their own TLC Network TV show "Playhouse Masters" which debuts everywhere on Tues. Aug. 23, 2016! Caution: This episode may induce fits of 'why can't I' in grown adults.

Episode 79: The Budgy has Landed! We go Baku to the Future with Spandy Andy

This Ep: Special Guest[s]:  Parker Thompson, Spandy Andy & part 2 of author Paul Derry

This show is anything BUT 'low energy'. First up, Red Deer Racer Parker Thompson drops by and talk about the current Cooper Tire USF2000 race season [where he is currently ranked 2nd!] as well as his anti-Distracted Driving initiative #DriveToStayAlive. Next up GA is joined by Global Ambassador of Positivity Spandy Andy who, along with his fiance "Shimmy Kimmy", talks about getting engaged, in-laws, world travel [including a stop at the Rio2016 Olympics] and budgy smuggling.  Finally, we pick up where GA left off with police informant turned author Paul Derry on the high stakes involved in wearing a wire to gather evidence. Caution: This is a high energy episode, if your last name is Bush, you might want to proceed with caution!

Episode 78: Show You The Money! [Banking Fees Ate My Homework]

This Ep: Special Guest:  Paul Derry author of "Inside a Police Informant's Mind"

This episode is quite the 'informative' one. First, GA is joined by show Executive Producer, the mysterious "Ken Adams" [a pseudonym for sure!] who pulls back the curtains on the high banking fee racket, little or no interest rate schemes, and the highly classified secret offer we have to actually PAY YOU $50 for listening! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to listen to the offer and accept our invitation to receive $50 for free by upgrading your everyday banking choices. [seriously].  In keeping with the 'undercover' nature of this episode we also welcome a fascinating guest, Paul Derry, who 'wrote the book' [literally] on what it is like to become a police informant as they investigate some of the highest level criminal organizations.  Caution: This episode contains plenty of valuable intel that is both profitable and mind-blowing. GAR-OWN-TEED!

Episode 77: Jordan, I am your father…

This Ep: Special Guest{s} Country Star Aaron Pritchett & son Jordan Pritchett + Galactic Guru Kris Sturgess

A whole lot of father & son awesome jammed into this episode. First, GA goes on location to Red Deer's first ever Maker Faire to converse with Kris Sturgess, the father to Ben & Luke (yep) & the creator of a working R2D2 worth $20,000...Shhh...keep it on the down lo. His wife thinks he made it out of a recycled garbage can and some blinky lights from Princess Auto.  Jumping to light-speed, GA does the Kessel run [not Kissel run, did that last ep] over to Bo's Bar & Grill in Red Deer & catches up with old-friend Canadian Country Star Aaron Pritchett for a special candid Father's Day chat with him & son Jordan.  "AP & JP" share heartfelt stories about opening for Superstar Garth Brooks on his recent Canadian tour, Aaron gives us the background on his awesome new cd; "The Score" , and Jordan dishes on his upcoming solo career plans following his success with pop band Faber Drive. Plus, if you stay to the end, you'll get a sneak preview of our next episode featuring GA's spine-tingling interview with Paul Derry, former police informant, and author of "Inside a Police Informant's Mind", who's now living under Witness Protection. Yep.  Caution: Intermittent use of 'flowery adjectives' in this episode courtesy of GA, Aaron are the opinions of the authors & not endorsed by the IT'S A SHOW editorial board. Officially speaking.

Episode 76: Dry Meatloaf, The Domino Effect, Kissel & Tell All

This Ep: Smorgasbord of Special Guest{s} Luanne Carl, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Brett Kissel, Kevin Bushey

Wow! What a whirlwind episode this has turned out to be! In a nutshell:
Invited by THE Tera Lee, GA & Mrs. GA hit a private show in Edmonton where Canadian Country Music Icon Carolyn Dawn Johnson rocked the stage with country music luminaries like guitarist Matty McKay, drummer Mark Branconnier, and our special correspondent Luanne Carl from the band Domino [2015 ACMA Awards Band of the Year & Fans' Choice award winners!] not only shared the stage with CDJ that night, but was an eye & ear witness to Meatloaf's collapse in "Capital City" just scant days later. Thanks to old pal Duane Steele, we had All Access Pass [Homer: "All Access"] to a private fundraiser at the World Famous Red Deer Golf & Country club where GA caught up with CCMA & JUNO award winner ... Brent Kysil...wait, what? Who? oh yes, Brett Kissel, his band-mates and a certain Road Manager with a great story and fabulous hair. That would be you Kevin Bushey.

Editor's Note: Pretty sure [actually positive] GA screwed up the name of Domino's new record. For the record it's called Ghost and available at

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