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EP 85: Wang Chung’s Nick Feldman

This Ep: Special Guest: Nick Feldman of Wang Chung

Across the nation & around the world, in an in-depth interview with Nick Feldman, Greg gets to the bottom of what it really means to "Wang Chung tonight". Feldman & lead-singer Jack Hues formed Huang Chung in 1980 [later Wang Chung after a tip from David Geffen] and quickly became the quintessential 80's Brit-band. They Wang-Chunged their way to US-chart success with the album "Points on the Curve" & became a pop tour de force that shaped the musical tastes of millions of Gen-X'ers.  Caution: Episode includes a super-fun edition of "6 Degrees of Wang Chung-aration" ... so listen in & play along! 

EP 84: Cutting Crew’s Nick Van Eede

This Ep: Special Guest: Nick Van Eede of Cutting Crew

Greg goes in-depth with Nick Van Eede of iconic Brit-band Cutting Crew. Busting on the world music scene in 1986 with their album "Broadcast", Nick & Kevin MacMichael were the driving force behind this Grammy-nominated band's chart-topping success.  Two songs, "[I Just] Died in Your Arms" (which hit #1 in Canada & US) and "I've Been In Love Before" (Top 10 in Canada & US) influenced an entire generation of Gen-X'ers in 1987 and continue to stand the test of musical time.  Genuine Classics without a doubt.   Caution: This episode includes saucy language, kazoo tales, and many great story's by a great story-teller! 

Episode 83: An Emmy Award, a Makeup Artist, and a Cowboy walk into a bar…

This Ep: Special Guest[s]: Danielle Hanson - Emmy Nominated makeup artist + Toby Nwabuogor podcaster

Greg goes "behind the blush" with beautiful Emmy nominated makeup artist Danielle Hanson. Listen in as "Dani" takes us through her career, her whirlwind awards show experience in Hollywood, and find out if she wins the Emmy Award for her work on FX Networks "Fargo". Plus, you'll meet the host of the "Toby With..." podcast. An up and coming innovator, creative entrepreneur, and cowboy hat wearin' motivator, Toby Nwabuogor's passion for his fellow students and their experience on campus at Red Deer College is inspirational. Press play and change your day! Caution: There's $50 in it for you if you listen then message us for our special Tangerine Bank 'no fee banking' activation code. Hurry, that $50 is only around till it isn't!. 

Episode 82: Culinary Cuteness with a side of some Country Music Compote

This Ep: Special Guest[s]: Meg Tucker - creator of "Just One Bite" + Steve Arsenault - singer/songwriter

On the latest episode of the yuuuugest show on itunes (presented by the Jackpot Casino and, your humble host Greg Shannon sits down for a cup of culinary joe with the amazing Meg Tucker. A skilled morning radio performer, Meg is also the host & creator of the all new kids cooking show Just One Bite!  Also, Greg gets back in the country music saddle to talk with singer/songwriter/guitarist Steve Arsenault who has toured internationally with George Canyon, and is 'the real deal' himself. Fresh off the release of his single, "Heart & Soul", Steve talks about life on the road, the passion for creativity, and launching a recording career of his own.  Caution: This episode best enjoyed with a glass of wine...or two.  

Episode 81: “Can’t Help Loving The Jamz, The Hip, and The Tangerine”

This Ep: Special Guest[s]: Jim Kozyra & Chris Petlak - from hit Netflix series "The Jamz" + Karac Hendriks

Being solid Gen-X'ers, growing up on WKRP in Cincinnati, MTV & News Radio [ok, maybe we were 'all growns up' for the last one], and at least one of us having a solid 25 year career in TV & Radio broadcasting...we have a deep appreciation of the radio-genre.  Which brings GA into contact with "Jay-Jay" [Petlak] & "Fitzy" [Kozyra] from 101.7 "The JAMZ", Chicago's #1-rated [fictionally] radio station.  The critically acclaimed 4-part 'teaser' series debuted on Netflix in 2016 has us looking forward to a full season soon! Plus Jim shares with us the 'magic of audio' by hitting an imaginary 350 yard tee shot while playing golf during the interview [he spiked the shot on the tee-box]. Plus, old friend Karac Hendriks stops by to talk the magic of "The Tangerine" [bank], the Tragically Hip, and his new single "Can't Help Loving You...Greg?" just in time for this year's CCMA Awards in London, ON.  Caution: There's no money** in listening to this episode...but on your'll achieve total consciousness. Which is nice.  [**Editor's Note: There actually might be $50 in it for you if you sign-up with Tangerine Bank using our special activation code. But act fast, that $50 is only around till Sept. 15!]

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