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Episode 79: The Budgy has Landed! We go Baku to the Future with Spandy Andy

August 16, 2016

This Ep: Special Guest[s]:  Parker Thompson, Spandy Andy & part 2 of author Paul Derry

This show is anything BUT 'low energy'. First up, Red Deer Racer Parker Thompson drops by and talk about the current Cooper Tire USF2000 race season [where he is currently ranked 2nd!] as well as his anti-Distracted Driving initiative #DriveToStayAlive. Next up GA is joined by Global Ambassador of Positivity Spandy Andy who, along with his fiance "Shimmy Kimmy", talks about getting engaged, in-laws, world travel [including a stop at the Rio2016 Olympics] and budgy smuggling.  Finally, we pick up where GA left off with police informant turned author Paul Derry on the high stakes involved in wearing a wire to gather evidence. Caution: This is a high energy episode, if your last name is Bush, you might want to proceed with caution!