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Episode 80: The Charmed Life: Playhouse Masters Tyson & Audy

August 22, 2016

This Ep: Special Guest[s]:  Tyson & Audy Leavitt - Stars of TLC's new series Playhouse Masters

"And what to our wandering eyes does appear...but Tyson & Audy with their Charmed Playhouses team here!"
Yes Virginia [and the other 49 states], there is a Santa Claus. Or at least if you want a "Santa's Workshop" style playhouse, then Charmed Playhouses of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada can probably make that happen! This episode GA interviews the humble husband & wife team behind these resplendent renderings of reverie who are taking the time-tested concept of 'playhouses' into the realm of Fantasy. They are doing such a good job of it, that their creative craftsmanship has landed them a gig as stars of their own TLC Network TV show "Playhouse Masters" which debuts everywhere on Tues. Aug. 23, 2016! Caution: This episode may induce fits of 'why can't I' in grown adults.