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Episode 65: GA Meets the Yoga Dwarf!

October 6, 2015

This Ep: Special Guest James Duthie - aka "The Guy on the Left", aka "Yoga Dwarf", aka TSN's Man of the Year

GA and the It's A Show Team (well, mostly GA) welcome Legendary Sportscaster James Duthie (He's the "Guy On The Left" and has a book to sell you) who regales said team with all sorts of sports Stats and dishes out a substantial helping of sports Lore (not often you can use that word!); Adam "Stats" Daines, owner of Jackpot Casino, provides the inspiration for "The Mulligan Games"  -> coming this summer to a theatre near you! <- and talks baseball hats. Also, Curtis Hargrove checks in from Fortuna, California with a Hugginz Hwy update; and a challenge to get us connected with Jay & Dan.  Caution: Liberal use of sports cliches, offensive stats, and Duthie pushes "Number Two"...the book.