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Episode 74: Blame it On Our Youth - The Karac Hendriks Experience

April 13, 2016

This Ep: Karac Hendriks - Canadian country crooner, songwriter, recording artist, guitarist, blamer of youth

Podcast Premier of Karac's new single, "(Blame it on my) Youth"
This week GA takes a break from our continuing, and relentless!, pursuit of Jann Arden (who is sequestered in a secret location recovering from her JUNO Awards co-hosting duties) to chat it up with an old friend with new music! The "Pride of ... A Point Between Heinsburg & Dewberry Alberta", Edmonton-based Karac Hendriks is a gifted musician who has played with the likes of Gord Bamford, Aaron Pritchett, Adam Gregory, and even It's A Show Guest Alumnus Tina Tuner to name but a talented few. Karac has made good on a promise to himself to record a solo project and become the employer instead of the employee.  Fresh off the release of his radio single "(Blame it on My) Youth", Karac shares both the struggles and the payoffs of his extensive experiences in the music industry.  Listener Warning: This episode contains awesome tuneage including Karac's first ever single as a solo artist, "Blame It On My Youth", which is guaranteed to get your feet tapping and your knees jerking.