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EP 85: Wang Chung’s Nick Feldman

This Ep: Special Guest: Nick Feldman of Wang Chung

Across the nation & around the world, in an in-depth interview with Nick Feldman, Greg gets to the bottom of what it really means to "Wang Chung tonight". Feldman & lead-singer Jack Hues formed Huang Chung in 1980 [later Wang Chung after a tip from David Geffen] and quickly became the quintessential 80's Brit-band. They Wang-Chunged their way to US-chart success with the album "Points on the Curve" & became a pop tour de force that shaped the musical tastes of millions of Gen-X'ers.  Caution: Episode includes a super-fun edition of "6 Degrees of Wang Chung-aration" ... so listen in & play along! 

EP 84: Cutting Crew’s Nick Van Eede

This Ep: Special Guest: Nick Van Eede of Cutting Crew

Greg goes in-depth with Nick Van Eede of iconic Brit-band Cutting Crew. Busting on the world music scene in 1986 with their album "Broadcast", Nick & Kevin MacMichael were the driving force behind this Grammy-nominated band's chart-topping success.  Two songs, "[I Just] Died in Your Arms" (which hit #1 in Canada & US) and "I've Been In Love Before" (Top 10 in Canada & US) influenced an entire generation of Gen-X'ers in 1987 and continue to stand the test of musical time.  Genuine Classics without a doubt.   Caution: This episode includes saucy language, kazoo tales, and many great story's by a great story-teller! 

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