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Episode 70: The Relentless Pursuit of Jann Arden - Chapter 2

This Ep: Special Guest Randi Boulton & Special Pursuit Guest Russell Broom
GA welcomes Canadian singer/songwriter extraordinaire Randi "with an i" Boulton to the Jackpot to talk music, rum & Jann Arden.  We get a special visit from Jackpot Casino magnate Adam "Reuben Tishkoff" Daines who brings us up to speed on the "Great Ski-Doo Summit Giveaway" as well as impressing us with his phone dexterity.  As we continue our Relentless Pursuit of Juno Award winning & Canadian singing icon (we thought you'd like that Jann!) Jann Arden we invite musician & music recording impresario Russell Broom to hook us up with the next connection in our pursuit.  Caution:  This episode contains harsh slurping and at least one expletive un-deleted. By Randi. Listener discretion is ill-advised. 

Episode 69: Holiday Leftovers

This Ep: Mythical Guest Host Chris Gaines  & Special Musical Guest Leonard Nimoy

GA, Sparky & Peaker indulge in a break from formality over the holidays to discuss Bruce Allen (yes...THAT Bruce Allen), Justin Bieber, Janet Jackson, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, The Wknd, Adele, discuss the intricate balance of dating someone new & the right place to poo (That is SOO a real thing)...& introduce the "Relentless Pursuit of...Jann Arden".  Caution:  This one is hard to explain. If you're a fan, you'll love it. If you're a newbie you may experience nausea & dizziness...we suggest Ginger.

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