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What Just Happened?

There is really no describing this week's jam packed episode, with the possible exception of mentioning that Sparky and Cassie have invaded SoCal, 17 year old racing phenom Parker Thompson is our special guest and for some reason Peaker has grown very fond of frozen peas. If you love this episode GA will bask in the afterglow of your warm, loving comments. Any complaints will go directly to GeeFark.

Episode 58: Hot Pants, Cold Beer and a Sonic Boom Chucka

This Ep: Special Guest Ryan Langlois - Boom Chucka Boys Special Guest Host: Cassie "Hot Pants" Hawrysh

This week is a doozy! Or is it doozie?  We get Sparky packed for Vegas. GA has beers with a couple of Troubled Monks, Canadian Skeleton racer Cassie "Hot Pants" Hawrysh joins our 'skeleton staff' and slides into her new role as IAS roving contributor...we catch up with Special Guest Ryan Langlois from the Boom Chucka Boys, and get a preview of the Beaumont Blues & Roots Festival happening June 19-21, 2015 in Beaumont, Alberta.  By the way, did you know Ryan's hair is even more flammable than Peakers?! ... Now, don't make us turn this car around kids, get in and have a listen! Caution: Hot Pants, Flammable Hair, and Cold Beer make for a combustible adventure!

Road Hams

This week our heroes are doggedly preparing the wagons as we plan Sparky's trip to LA and Las Vegas ... so he can experience Vegas in style like the Rat Packer he really is. Joey Bishop please forgive us. So, if you work in Vegas tourism MAN YOUR BATTLE STATIONS! ... Also this week, why Japanese canines are a cut above, we talk about fast cars and converse with Road Hammer Clayton Bellamy about the band's new mini series and why tomatoes are an essential part of any great musical menu!  All that for the same low, low price plus as an added Bonus, a fresh new "Sparky Love Life Update!"

Out of Gas

Thanks to our brand new sponsor, the boys are back with a freshly baked episode of It's A Show....Only this week, it's twofer!  That's right kids, GA recorded half of this Frankenstein hybrid at Sparky's Sanctuary on Stanhope and the other half in his funky basement layer with assistance from Peaker and everyone's favorite Executive Producer Gee-Fark. Warning: things get awkward this week when GA confronts Peaker about his nose whistle and listen for an audio cameo from Canadian Gold Medal Winner Carla "Cribber" MacLeod!

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