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It’s A Short: Getting To Know Amy Metcalfe

Royalty Records recording artist Amy Metcalfe calls into the show to talk about her new album "Inside Out", her HMV performance in Red Deer, and album release party.

Hot Pants & Cold Beer: Part 2, Version 2.0

And now a continuation with with Cassie Hawrysh​ AKA "hot pants" - she's chasing the clock and the Olympic dream!  Plus, we want you to check out our Royalty Records recording artist friend Amy Metcalfe​ who has one amazing week coming up.  Producers note:  We drink "Thirsty Beaver" and we need more stock stat.

Will we get to a party where everyone is at? 

Hots Pants & Cold Beer

Okay. So, a couple of things:

(1) G.A. launched Peaker's vision of a Best of Brandon, Manitoba Interview series by having one of the greatest conversations of his professional career with Brandon born Skeleton Racer Cassie Hawrysh

(2) 3/4 of the interview was corrupted by G.A.'s #%##* Mac Computer

(3) After a few whiskey's and his regular Tuesday night Salsa dance lesson, G.A. calmed down enough to pull together a beauty new episode featuring a brief but memorable cameo by the beautiful, talented and hopefully understanding Cassie Hawrysh.

The Self Esteamer Edition

This week it's another hours worth of awesome in 30 minutes or less as Sparky gets steamed and a cool new beer fridge at the same time. Peaker avoids getting dumped on and G.A. overuses the sound effects library again. All in all, another fair to middlin' edition from the boys. 

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