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Episode 48: St. Patrick’s Day Calliou Call-Out

This Ep: Special Fictional Guest Finbar O'Good-Craic - Irish Spokesperson & Guest Host: Peaker - "Lord of the Prance"

Special St. Patrick's Day 2015 edition. "Jack-of-all-Trades" Peaker joins us and to share stories of bacon, bacchanalia, and his now infamous "Parenting With Peaker" "Calliou" cartoon rant. Intern Scooby Sway joins the fun adding all sorts of Irish Trivia & the typical requisite St Paddy's Day shenanigans including a Leprechaun Name Generator..
GA & Sparky discuss GFRK's recent addition of our @itsashowpod Instagram account (please follow!) and in the process Sparky reveals his Instagram strategy.  The important topic of "moisturizing" comes up (hello Lowen's Skincare of Calgary!), but proves to be a rather dry conversation.  Caution: Combustible Calliou Call-out could cause a cacophonous chorus of cackling. Proceed with a sense of humor. 

Hashtags For Days

This week:  A new Parenting with Peaker; the Great Hashtag Debate; Which IAS host sends text-to-landline messages?; Dating Is Hard as Sparky finds out.

Special Guest:  Kim Ades, President and Founder:  Frame Of Mind Coaching

Episode 46: A Tale of Two Roosters (the Laurie McIntosh edition)

This Ep: Laurie McIntosh - Grade 2 Teacher from Lacombe, AB wins BIG with The Ellen Show!

On this episode, Peaker returns from an Aloha Adventure with his cockamamie Hawaiian Rooster tale on a special segment of "Parenting with Peaker".  Speaking of amazing stories, our special guest Laurie McIntosh -> a down-to-earth Grade 2 teacher from the thriving metropolis of Lacombe, Alberta who ends up winning an out-of-this-world prize package courtesy of Ellen! (you know, from 'The Ellen Show') including travel, $$, and a brand new Ford Flex hand selected from local dealer Lacombe Ford  (Note: This is Unsolicited shout-out for Lacombe Ford.  We would not object to solicited ones either.) <- offers advice to Curtis Hargrove on how to get Ellen's attention in support of the "Hugginz Highway" project. Listener Warning: This episode contains impromptu rapping of Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby". Proceed With Caution. (Producer's Note:  Might be our best show yet!)

Say My Name

Sparky joins GA (as Peaker is on vacation allegedly) and they discuss the following:  Will we repent by participating in Lent?  40 looks fabulous on SN and has Facebook's founder lost his mind? A Sparky Love Life Update and special guest Curtis Hargrove calls in with a update.  Sharing is caring so click the link.

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